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Send thousands of tokens or NFTs to multiple addresses in a single transaction!

Need to send your tokens to different addresses in batch? The MetaSender Dapp automates the process for you so you can save a massive amount of time and money.

Use MetaSender for free!

Metasender is totally free to use. Send as many tokens as you want by batch of 400!

Optimized and Secure

Our contract has been built and audited to guarantee you a minimum fee per transaction and maximum security.

24h Support

You got a question? Our team is available at any time. Just hit the chat button to start a conversation.

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You can send tokens by batch of 400.

Metasender does not yet support native tokens batch transfers.

  • 1. Prepare
  • 2. Approve
  • 3. Send

Four simple steps to batch send your tokens

  • 1


    Connect your wallet, select the assets type and blockchain. Then simply enter the token contract address and the list of the recipient's addresses.

  • 2


    Once the addresses are entered, hit the send button.

  • 3


    Then approved the connection and the transaction via your Metamask interface to start sending your tokens.

  • 4


    The transfer will be completed in 3-5 minutes. We will provide you with the transaction link so you can follow the transfer.

The best Dapp to batch send your tokens

Metasender is the easiest and most secure way to send multiple tokens or NFTs to thousands of addresses.

  • Security First

    Our contracts are audited after each update… To guarantee you that the assets you send, will reach without issue the recipients.

  • Optimized Cost

    More than safety, our contracts are designed to offer you super optimized gas costs. No matter what network you use!

  • Free Testing

    Don’t know if Metasender is the right solution for your needs? Test it. You can airdrop tokens or NFTs to a maximum of 10 addresses for free.

  • Free Forever

    Metasender is totally free to use. Send as many tokens as you want by batch of 400!

  • 24h Support

    Our support is always online to answer all your question. Feel free to reach us at any time on Twitter, Telegram, or directly via chat.

Join Metasender users

Founders, Artists, VC... have chosen Metasender to airdrop and transfer in batch their tokens. Join them today!

  • Dimitri K

    Community leader

    I had to organize a token airdrop for my community and after hours of search and testing I finally found Metasender to do the job
  • Alton O

    3D Artist

    It took me less than 3 mins to send my entire NFT collection to the 1234 addresses that participated in my challenge.
  • Hector P


    Since you ask for my feedback I will say that your tool is very great. I was used to do all my transfers manually but now this time is over

Airdrop your token on the Ethereum blockchain

ETH chain benefits

The Ethereum blockchain is very similar to the bitcoin blockchain, but it’s programmed in a language that allows engineers to write software on it to develop all kinds of applications.

  • Smart contracts capability

    Ethereum can run smart contracts for decentralized applications (DApps) like decentralized finance (DeFi) or non-fungible tokens (NFTs). DApps are smart contracts programmed for a specific and recurring use.

  • A new type of connectivity

    Ethereum is an infrastructure that has the potential to revolutionize both finance and technology. Ethereum-based applications are likely to impact markets, governance, public services, and how identity is managed.

  • Disinflationary Supply

    Bitcoin has a limited supply of 21 million coins, which is why it is considered a store of value and investment against inflation. Conversely, Ethereum offers unlimited Ether but caps the amount released each year through the mining process.